For health professions academic programs

East Indiana AHEC offers an annual cycle of mini-grants to support community-based clinical training and service learning for health professions students at all levels, from certificate programs to graduate degrees.  Applicants are usually career centers, colleges, and universities looking to expand learning opportunities for their students or health care provider organizations who host students at their patient care sites.  There is a local matching funds requirement for these grants.  Find out more about the current grant cycle, apply for a grant, and complete grant reporting requirements using the links below.

Examples of previous successful health professions student mini-grant applications:

  • Development of interprofessional simulations for counseling and nursing students
  • Standard sets of patient screening tools and instruments across clinical sites for a nursing program
  • Long term care facility community garden service learning project for interprofessional student group

23-24 Grant Applications Now Available - Rolling application review with awards of up to $2500



Student Clinical Travel Grants

For individual health professions college students

Health Professions Students with ties to the East Indiana AHEC region can use this form to apply for travel grants to help offset the cost of transportation to approved clinical sites where they are completing rotations, internships, or clinicals that are part of their degree program.

The East Indiana AHEC region includes the following Indiana counties: Bartholomew, Dearborn, Decatur, Fayette, Franklin, Henry, Jennings, Jefferson, Ohio, Ripley, Rush, Switzerland, Union, and Wayne Counties.

Students from outside the EI-AHEC region who are completing clinical training in our region may receive one award of up to $250 for a rotation / internship / clinical each academic year as funding allows.

Students with specific ties to the EI-AHEC region who are completing clinical training in our region may receive one award of up to $350 for a rotation / internship / clinical each academic year as funding allows.

Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received throughout the academic year.

Eligible EI-AHEC region clinical sites need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Rural Location (using Rural Health Information Hub Am I Rural? web tool)
  • Underserved Population / Community (using HRSA MUA/P finder web tool)
  • Health Professions Shortage Area (using HRSA HPSA finder web tool)
  • Primary Care Site or Critical Access Hospital

Eligible students will be in one or more of the following categories:

  • Enrolled in a health professions degree program based in the EI-AHEC region*
  • Originally from or currently living in the EI-AHEC region*
  • Previous participants in an EI-AHEC pipeline program or current EI-AHEC scholars (even if now attending college elsewhere)*
  • Enrolled in a health professions program near the EI-AHEC region that places students at clinical sites in EI-AHEC counties**

*Students with these ties to the EI-AHEC region are eligible for $350 awards.
**Students without ties to the EI-AHEC region other than their clinical placement are eligible for $250 awards.

Travel grants are intended to support individual students completing clinical training at eligible sites, particularly when the student has sought out an opportunity to have a rural/underserved/primary care training experience.  A situation where students are assigned to a clinical site as part of a cohort or group sent to that location through the regular clinical placement process in their program will generally not be eligible.

Travel grant applications must be made before a clinical placement starts or while it is underway.  We are not able to support clinical placements retroactively with no application until after the training was completed.

Students whose applications are approved are expected to submit documentation of their rotation travel and complete an Indiana AHEC learner evaluation form before funds will be disbursed.

Students who meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to fill out a grant application.

You are welcome to email with questions about this program.


Helpful links:

EI-AHEC-student-travel-documentation (.pdf download)                 

AHEC learner evaluation form (To be completed after supported rotation / internship / clinical is complete  An EI-AHEC staff person will provide you with a "program number" to use when you complete the evalution).


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