Academic-Clinical Roundtable

East Indiana AHEC works to foster collaboration between health care clinical employers and the academic programs that train and graduate licensed health professionals in our region.  This enhances student preparation for the health workforce, lets clinical sites enhance staff development programming via college faculty expertise, and helps everyone speak the same language and focus on shared initiatives around patient care challenges across the EI-AHEC region.

Stemming from previous work via the Southeastern Indiana Simulation Consortium, the EI-AHEC Academic-Clinical Roundtable is a regularly-scheduled meeting where we bring presenters, vendors, and subject matter experts together with both health care staff development leaders and academic program faculty members from across the region for conversations about topics of shared interest.  Given the Southeastern Indiana Simulation Consortium history, best practices around simulation in the staff development and clinical degree spaces will always be a welcome topic for this group, but the agenda has expanded to include retention and burnout prevention; diversity and health equity; rural health professions recruiting, and emerging clinical topics of importance to our region.

Past examples of academic-clinical collaborations in the EI-AHEC region include:

  • IUPUC nursing students and Margaret Mary Health Labor & Delivery RNs training together through a series of labor and delivery simulations.
  • Pediatric emergency simulation training open to faculty and professionals region-wide provided by the St. Vincent Nasser Simulation Center Team and hosted by Schneck Medical Center.
  • Franklin College Physician Assistant students receiving intubation and airway management workshop training from Decatur County EMS personnel.

Are you a faculty member in an academic program or a staff development lead or other clinical professional with a training role at your hospital or health care facility with an idea for an academic - clinical partnership around a particular need or topic?  Reach out to to discuss making it part of a future Academic-Clinical Roundtable meeting agenda.

2023 Academic-Clinical Roundtable Meeting Schedule

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