Additional Services

Undergraduate / College Pipeline Students

Pre-med / pre-health professions undergraduate students and first-year college students who are not yet in a clinical degree or major are still health careers pipeline students.  We work with pre-health professions advisors at IU East, IUPUC, Earlham College, and Hanover College to provide learning opportunities for these students.

Out-of-School Youth Groups and Clubs

Health careers and college readiness activities aren't just for the classroom.  We can work with groups like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, 4H programs, and similar out-of-school youth development organizations to provide health careers awareness activities.  Note that our activities are best suited for high-school aged students.

Mock Interviews / Admissions Essays / Scholarship Essays

Previous AHEC pipeline program students who want practice for an upcoming admissions interview or who would like feedback on an admissions or scholarship essay are welcome to reach out to EI-AHEC staff.  We can arrange mock interviews, read essays, write recommendation letters, and other helpful things in your application process.

Strong Interest Inventory / Myers Briggs Type Indicator / VIA Character Strengths workshops

East Indiana AHEC staff are certified deliver student workshops using the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and are also experienced in using the VIA Character Strengths Assessment.  These personality tools are suitable for a variety of audiences interested in exploring college and career options, college success skills, learning styles, and scholarship/college application strategies.  Student leadership clubs or HOSA chapters can be good fits for these kinds of activities.

Students, instructors, and group leaders interested in learning more about any of these opportunities should contact Crystal McQueen ( for more details.

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