Additional Services

AHEC Days Job Shadowing Support

We collaborate with local hospitals and high schools to provide an "AHEC Days" curriculum that includes clinical skills, health careers exploration, and college success activities.  The AHEC Days curriculum is combined with health care job shadowing experiences and scheduled as part of the school day.  Interested students at the schools listed below are advised to talk to their counselor about scheduling senior year job-shadowing courses at their particular school.

Current partners include:
Margaret Mary Health along with Batesville, Franklin County, Jac-Cen-Del, Milan and Oldenburg Academy High Schools
Decatur County Memorial Hospital along with Greensburg High School


Class Presentations/Activities

We offer a variety of health careers and college exploration activities as guest speaker presentations to high school classes.  These visits are appropriate for PLTW Biomed classes, AP and other advanced science and math electives, JAG / career exploration classes, and career center health science classes.  Interested teachers should contact Jenny Koors ( for more details.

Strong Interest Inventory / Myers Briggs Type Indicator / VIA Character Strengths workshops

East Indiana AHEC staff are certified deliver student workshops using the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and are also experienced in using the VIA Character Strengths Assessment.  These personality tools are suitable for a variety of audiences interested in exploring college and career options, college success skills, learning styles, and scholarship/college application strategies.  Student leadership groups, health careers clubs, and similar groups can contact Jenny Koors ( for more details.


Clinical Site Education Contact List

Teachers seeing class speakers or field trip contacts as well as students looking for information on individual job shadowing and education opportunities are encouraged to use the people listed on this document as their contact points at local hospitals and other clinical sites. 
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