Simulation Reporting

All sites (academic and clinical) now use same reporting webform to log simulations.

Current Period - Janauary 2018 - June 2018

Previous Period - July 2017 - December 2017
(previous period form will stay live into 2018 for catch-up reporting)


Individual Participant Evaluations

Please use EIAHEC evaluation forms to collect individual participant data for the students or professionals who take part in your simulations.  This is for simulations that you have specifically decided are good fits for AHEC goals and objectives only; it is NOT required for every simulation.

Contact Becky Niese at East Indiana AHEC ( to discuss which of your simulations might best fit EIAHEC objectives for individual participants, to talk about integrating individual evaluation forms into your existing LMS or in-house evaluation process, or to address any other EIAHEC form questions.


EIAHEC evaluation forms for individual simulation participants:

Academic Sites - GoalB-AHEC-form-simulations

Clinical Sites - GoalD-AHEC-form-simulations

(We can customize these forms for your site including pre-filling some information and selecting only relevent questions - the full forms are provided for reference here)